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Design never lies. 
Looking at the Vantage, you may have noticed similarities between this and the DB10. As a matter of fact it seems like the DB10 from the James Bond movie is the real successor of the Vantage. If this is true, then Aston may have reached its design apex regarding the evolution of the post-Fisker era. 
What further develops from this idea, is that the Vulcan is merely a tendency in the Aston Martin design vocabulary. This enhances the very fact that some of the Vantage design's elements resonates with the Vulcan and the DB11
This concludes that the DB10 was done after the DB11. What does this mean? It may mean that the design-wise top dog Aston of this decade will be the DB10, since it completely lacks any Vulcan/DB11 vocabulary.

The final conclusion of this would be that the ultimate design expression of these days is the DB10. Not the DB11 or the Vantage. At least according to Aston Martin.  Only between the lines speaking. Of course.      

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Introducing the new Vantage: the successor to a true sporting dynasty

LIVEAll-new Vantage defined by bold new look, intensified performance and dynamicsPowered by 4.0-liter, 503bhp/505lb.ft twin-turbo V8 mated to eight-speed ZF transmissionMaximum speed 195mph.0-60mph in 3.6 secondsFirst Aston Martin to be fitted with an Electronic Rear Differential (E-Diff)Deliveries scheduled to begin second quarter of 2018 21 November 2017, Gaydon: Vantage. An evocative name for a magnificent bloodline of thoroughbred sports cars. For seven decades the heartbeat of Aston Martin’s purest models, successive generations have built an enviable reputation for thrilling performance and enduring popularity. Today this formidable sporting dynasty is poised to hit new heights with the introduction of the new Vantage. A spectacular new Aston Martin sports car demands a bold and distinctive design language. Pure, sculptural forms create an athletic, predatory stance, while the minimal front and rear overhangs, muscular flanks and broad haunches express the agility and dynamism …