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Tom Tjaarda: 1934-2017

He was one of the holy trinity of the new generation of Italian car designers. They brought a new era. They were the new era. Thank you, Tom. 

Some of Tjaarda Designed Cars
  1. 1959. Ghia Selene I (with Sergio Sartorelli)
  2. 1960. Innocenti 950 S Ghia Spider
  3. 1960. (Innocenti) Ghia IXG Dragster
  4. 1960. Renault Dauphine Ghia Coupé
  5. 1960. VW Karmann Ghia 1500 (type 34) Coupé (rear design; main body design by Sergio Sartorelli)
  6. 1961. Ferbedo Automobilina pedal car (Ghia)
  7. 1961. Ghia Cart
  8. 1961. Innocenti 1100 Ghia Coupé
  9. 1962. Chevrolet Corvair Pininfarina Coupé (I)
  10. 1963. Chevrolet Corvette Rondine Pininfarina Coupé (I)
  11. 1963. Fiat 2300 Pininfarina
  12. 1963. Lancia Flaminia 2.8 Pininfarina Coupé Speciale
  13. 1964. Chevrolet Corvette Rondine Pininfarina Coupé (II)
  14. 1964. Ferrari 330 GT 2+2 Pininfarina series 1
  15. 1964. Mercedes 230 SL Pininfarina Coupé
  16. 1965. Fiat 124 Spider Pininfarina[3]
  17. 1966. Ferrari 365 GT California
  18. 1968. Chevrolet Checker Berlina (with Giorgetto Giugiaro)
  19. 1968. Serenissima Coupé (Ghia)
  20. 1969. De Tomaso Mustela (I) (Ghia)
  21. 1969. Isuzu Bellett MX1600 GT (Ghia)
  22. 1969. Lancia Flamina Marica (Ghia)
  23. 1969. Lancia Fulvia 1600 HF Competizione (Ghia)
  24. 1970. De Tomaso Deauville (Ghia)
  25. 1970. De Tomaso Pantera Ghia
  26. 1970. (Lancia Flavia) Giacobbi Sinthesis 2000
  27. 1970. Williams De Tomaso-Ford (Cosworth) 505/38 (De Tomaso Formula 1)
  28. 1971. All-Cars AutoZodiaco Damaca
  29. 1971. De Tomaso 1600 (Ghia) Spider
  30. 1971. De Tomaso Zonda (Ghia)
  31. 1971. Isuzu Bellett SportsWagon (Ghia)
  32. 1972. De Tomaso Longchamp
  33. 1972. De Tomaso Pantera L (Ghia)
  34. 1972. De Tomaso Pantera 290 (Ghia)
  35. 1972. De Tomaso Pantera GT4 (Ghia)
  36. 1972. Ford Fiesta (Ghia, Project "Wolf")
  37. 1973. De Tomaso/Ford Pantera 7X (Ghia)
  38. 1973. De Tomaso Monttella 1/1 197X
  39. 1973. Ford Mustela (II) (Ghia)
  40. 1974. Ford Ghia Coins
  41. 1974. Ford Maverick
  42. 1978. Lancia Y10
  43. 1979. Fiat Brazil
  44. 1979. Ford Mustang II Proposals (Ghia) (different variants)
  45. 1979. Zastava (facelifts of older Fiat-based models for Yugoslavia)
  46. 1980. De Tomaso Longchamp Cabrio
  47. 1981. SEAT Ronda
  48. 1981. SEAT Guappa Coupé
  49. 1982. Chrysler LeBaron
  50. 1982. Chrysler Imperial
  51. 1983. Rayton-Fissore Taxi Torino
  52. 1985. Chrysler Jeep (Interior)
  53. 1985. Rayton-Fissore Magnum 4x4
  54. 1989. Aston Martin Lagonda Coupé
  55. 1988. PPG 4x4 (USA)
  56. 1989. Laforza Magnum 4x4
  57. 1989. Zastava Utility vehicle
  58. 1991. Bitter Tasco
  59. 1992. Saab 900 four door
  60. 1992. Suzuki Coupé (for Bugatti)
  61. 1993. Fiat Iveco Truck Interior
  62. 1995. Lamborghini Diablo (Interior)
  63. 1998. Isotta-Fraschini T8 Coupé
  64. 1998. Isotta-Fraschini T12 Coupé
  65. 2000. Qvale Mangusta (II)
  66. 2001. Laforza PSV (II) (production engineering only)
  67. 2002. Spyker GT Sport
  68. 2003. Fiat Barchetta (Facelift)
  69. 2006. Shelby Series 2
  70. 2007. Tjaarda Mustang


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